PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (February 22, 2017)— AGRiMED Industries LLC, a data-driven, highly specialized medical cannabis cultivation management company, announced today the appointment of Bruce Goldman as Chief Executive Officer. Goldman will be responsible for making executive decisions that align with the vision outlined by the AGRiMED Board of Directors, maintaining and overseeing quality control, and ensuring AGRiMED’s sustainability through corporate growth.

Goldman brings over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and a high level of expertise in all aspects of healthcare delivery systems, managed care, healthcare policy and has played an essential role by leading organizations through major regulatory and market changes.

“Bruce is a seasoned professional who will play a key role in our growth and prosperity as a quality medical cannabis service provider,” said Sterling Crockett, Chairman of the Board and Chief Diversity Officer of AGRiMED. “He’s a visionary and I am confident in his ability to lead our team down a path of continued success in this industry as we progress as a company.”

Goldman has held a residency at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York, and became an Assistant Administrator at the Montefiore Medical Center for Prison Health Services on Rikers Island in Queens, New York. Additionally, Goldman relocated from New York to Washington D.C to serve as the Director of Planning for George Washington University Health Plan. He is a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, MPH, Hospital Administration and has a B.A. in Economics from Lincoln University.

Throughout his career, Goldman took on additional leadership roles as Chief Administrative Officer for Clinical Services at District of Columbia General Hospital, Assistant Hospital Director at the University of Maryland Hospital, Associate Administrator at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Senior Associate at Brisbon and Associates, a healthcare consulting and management firm. Goldman rose to become the CEO at Harlem Hospital Medical Center in New York City and consultant and CEO at Roy Lester Schneider Hospital. Most recently, Goldman served as President and COO of Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. Three years ago, he retired to pursue a new career in the medical cannabis industry to help spearhead the development of AGRiMED. The company is confident that Bruce Goldman’s attributes and expertise will advance their patient-focused mission.

“I have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and with my past experience, I intend to educate, inform and work to provide the best care possible as it relates to medical cannabis,” said Bruce Goldman, CEO of AGRiMED Industries. “The high-quality technology and leadership behind AGRiMED puts us in the enviable position of becoming an industry leader in the medical field and I look forward to being a part of a team that is dedicated to progressive healthcare.”

AGRiMED is currently undergoing the submission process to obtain a registered license through the Pennsylvania Department of Health to cultivate and process medical cannabis in the Southwestern region of the state of Pennsylvania. AGRiMED Industries is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. More information about AGRiMED Industries is available on the company’s website,

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