Medical Cannabis Certification for Pennsylvania Doctors

Medical Cannabis Certification for Pennsylvania Doctors

Pennsylvania Cannabis Patients need good Doctors.

More than ever, doctors certified for medical marijuana prescription are growing in number and influence. Opportunities abound to evolve patient care with cannabis in conjunction within state regulations. Part of this evolution includes doctors taking the initiative to get certified according to their state’s guidelines, closing the loop between cultivators and providers.  

In Pennsylvania, Act 16 does not result in some of the hurdles other states that have legalized medical cannabis experience. Pennsylvania is poised to lead the industry for the East Coast, a regional advantage that cascades into myriad economic bonuses.

For example, in New York, where medical marijuana is legal, Act 16 restrictions caused a slow, uneven rollout of the program, delaying access to wellness for eager patients. The program limited statewide dispensaries to five or fewer and did not approve dispensation of medical marijuana for many conditions with significant proven benefits for patients who use it, such as Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, dystonia, PTSD and rheumatoid arthritis

Medically rooted approach to patient care.

Pennsylvania has taken a more direct and effective course in its participation in Act 16 adoption. Though certain types of cannabis products and treatments are still restricted, Pennsylvania’s program is more inclusive, enabling certified physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to dispense cannabis onsite.

The role the doctor plays is crucial in supporting the access to the overwhelming benefits that properly prescribed medical cannabis can have for patients suffering from profound afflictions. Doctors can, in this way, also support a major economic boom for Pennsylvania in the form of a well regulated, substantial and healthy medical cannabis industry.

What is next for Pennsylvanians?

In July of 2016, The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a statement encouraging physicians to join the program. A simple registration and half-day training course are all that the state requires of doctors before medical cannabis can be prescribed and presented by them to their patients.

scientist picking cannabisOvercoming the awkward social stigma medical marijuana carries is an important step toward making patients comfortable when asking their doctors about the subject. Certification and support from the healthcare industry are crucial in getting patients to open up about how medical marijuana may help them lead better, happier, healthier lives. AGRiMED is dedicated to supporting the wellness of Pennsylvanians and the economy of the state.


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