Should You Be Vaping Or Ingesting Your Cannabis

Should You Be Vaping Or Ingesting Your Cannabis

Vaping and Ingesting Versus Smoking

There is a large volume of publications out there that will break everything down for you to the scientific level in regards to why vaping or ingesting cannabis is better than smoking it. AGRiMED knows that this can be very confusing and hard to take in, especially if you are new to the world of cannabis.

Today, to help you understand the differences, we are taking a look at some of the most common and well know benefits of vaping and ingesting over smoking. There are a number of states which do not allow the sale of cannabis flowers for smoking, such as Pennsylvania. Some may not even be aware that there are alternative delivery methods for medical marijuana.

THC Is Absorbed Differently When You Ingest Cannabis

One of the main benefits of ingesting cannabis (capsules) is that the body deals with the THC in the cannabis a very different way than when it is taken via inhalation. It may take longer for the benefits to be onset in the body, but the effects are longer lasting from ingesting than it is from inhalation. When one ingests cannabis product the active cannabinoid Delta-9-THC travels through the stomach and into the liver, where it is converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC. Technically ingesting cannabis is a different chemical compound than inhalation.

AGRiMED Vape extract cartridgeVaping Is Easier For The Lungs Than Smoking

Vaping or atomizing medical cannabis provides patients with the same immediate effects as smoking, but without the negative side effects of smoking as the marijuana is heated at a lower temperature without direct combustion of plant material. This delivery method is cleaner and easier for your lungs as it does not contain the same levels of carcinogens caused from smoking cannabis. Inhaled cannabinoids are felt within seconds; the benefits of inhaled cannabinoids can last for around 2-3 hours and generally reaches a peak within 30 minutes after initial inhalation. Vaping or atomizing cannabis generally does not have the same smell as smoking and can be consumed in a more discreet manner.

Ingesting Cannabis Is Easier Than Smoking

Even people who need medical cannabis sometimes cannot take it via inhalation for a variety of reasons. Many people simply do not like the inhalation experience. Ingestion is a good alternative for patients of which inhalation is not an option.

Better Choice and Better Value

AGRiMED offers a wide variety of inhalable cannabis formulations specifically developed for each patient’s needs. There is wide variety of choice. While there is an initial cost of equipment on the initial vape device, over the years, patients will find that vaping is a much better value over smoking. The reason for this is that when patients are vaping, one burns less cannabis to get the same kind level of medical benefit than from smoking. Studies have shown that vaporizers can convert up to 46 percent of the available THC into vapor. Smoking, on the other hand, converts less than 25 percent.

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