Carl A. Anderson, Ph.D.

Director of Quality Assurance

Dr. Anderson is a founding member of the Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology (DCPT). His current focus is on building and leading a research group to explore new and existing analytical technologies and demonstrate their relevance to process analytical technology (PAT) applications. In addition to exploring PAT tools, his group uses these tools to enhance the understanding of the chemistry and physics of pharmaceutical technology. He has spent seven years working for the three different incarnations of the pharmaceutical company that became known as Aventis Pharmaceuticals. While there, he led the team that developed, validated, and implemented Aventis’ first PAT based methods. He served on the executive committee of the NIR Validation Working Group (NIRVWoG) that authored the revisions to USP, and currently serves on the ASTM E55 committee as a member at large on the board of directors.


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