Kim Oshinski, J.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Oshinski has over 30 years of leadership, legal and contracting experience with state, local and federal governments on compliance pertaining to implementing plans and activities to meet requirements and laws. She has developed plans and contracts for the compliancy of strategies, policies and regulations relating to complex programs, including US Departments of Defense, Labor and Interior as well as Health and Human Services. Kim has supervised and trained large and small groups of employees on new procedures to reflect changing laws and regulations. She prepares accurate written reports, and instructions pertaining to requirements, ordinances, and state, federal laws.

Kim has excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills and a customer-centered attitude. Her accomplishments include ensuring compliance of proposals for multimillion and billion dollar contracts, turning-around troubled projects, setting up US Federal Government contracting offices, developing quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) policies and procedures, implementing best practices, preventing and settling claims, and eliminating workflow redundancies through business process reengineering and automation.