Experience in Agriculture and Technology Innovations

Experience in Agriculture and Technology Innovations

AGRiMED’s experience with the technological innovations, cultivation, and processing of medical marijuana is key to producing superior quality cannabis medicines that improve the quality of life for patients. AGRiMED currently holds a license to cultivate, process, and distribute cannabis-based products in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. AGRiMED harvests and processes thousands of tons of medical marijuana with proven methods and techniques in accordance with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and USDA standards. The proud team behind cultivating these quality products is comprised of molecular biologists, greenhouse specialists (including hydroponic facilities), mechanical engineers, and extraction technicians. These operational scientists and technicians have nearly 200 years of combined experience building greenhouse crops, including over 50 years of direct contact with cannabis. Agricultural scientists and management personnel are also working to build and manage a medical marijuana facility according to the needs and requirements of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Control Program. AGRiMED is continuously partnering with best-in-class industry specialists and enlisting local support for operations. AGRiMED is already recognized as an exemplary local community partner. They plan to complete their operations team by hiring Pennsylvanians to serve as cultivation specialists and support staff. This combination of astute business acumen and skillful cultivation will ensure success in bringing a quality product to Pennsylvania.

Medical Marijuana plants in pots

AGRiMED’s state-of-the-art greenhouse will feature rigorous quality management, use of “Green Gene” advanced molecular breeding, and solar energy and natural light for organic feeding – all with a reduced carbon footprint. The quality assurance team stands on over 325 years of combined experience in quality assurance and quality control. Twenty-eight successful projects speak to the level of that experience. Chief Operating Officer Matt Levine is a powerful force in that area, being a licensed attorney with years of leadership, legal, and contracting experience with state, local and federal governments on compliance to meet local regulations. His accomplishments include leading medical cannabis start-ups, writing proposals for multimillion dollar contracts, and turning-around troubled projects.

The AGRiMED team will oversee design and operation of a properly lighted and ventilated facility with effective temperature and humidity controls to produce medical marijuana produced of the finest quality. The facility’s phased construction approach is designed to match capital outlay with patient count and demand. In addition, the team utilizes a comprehensive medical marijuana screening program and thorough inventory tracking system consistent with industry best practices. These processes are designed to cultivate a safe and clean product that is pure, pesticide-free, and properly measured for potency. They also include a thorough analysis of the medical marijuana itself for the benefit of the producer of various medical marijuana products that they will sell to Pennsylvania residents. AGRiMED has an experienced partner, with over 2.5 million square feet of grow space in several non-U.S. countries. Their proven track record in the management of commercial facilities will aid AGRiMED to optimize the site and floor plan, select appropriate technologies that work best together, include technologies that can integrate into one solution, and quickly take the initial concept to final market and sale of the medical marijuana product. Pennsylvania will greatly benefit from the history of experience, dedication to innovation, and responsibility to the effectiveness of medical marijuana from AGRiMED Industries.


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