Deciding which Type of Cannabis-Derived Medicine is Right for You

Deciding which Type of Cannabis-Derived Medicine is Right for You

AGRiMED Industries is committed to providing a wide range of cannabis-derived products so patients may pick which form of medical cannabis is right for them. While in the end, they’re all derived from the same natural ingredient—cannabis—they all differ ever so slightly and have different uses you may or may not know about. Our wide range of products includes  Raw Concentrates (Hydrocabon, CO2, Solventless, Distilled,) THC/CBD tinctures, THC/CBD topical creams, THC/CBD Transdermal Patches and THC/CBD capsules.

*Important to note is that there are key differences between THC and CBD and their healing properties; to figure out which ratio of medical cannabinoids is right for you, read our article on the differences between the cannabinoids.

Raw Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates come in many varieties and consistencies, all with different names including: BHO, PHO, Bubble Hash, Full Melt, Wax, Shatter, Live Resin, THCa, Distillate or Rosin. Concentrates are carefully derived from the cannabis flower using various scientific extraction or sieving methods. The potency of THC in concentrated from can be range anywhere from 50%-99%. Raw Concentrates are essentially the most powerful form of cannabis with the highest concentration of cannabinoids. AGRiMED recommends you consult with your Pennsylvania licensed Medical Cannabis Physician prior to using concentrates.   


  • Inhale your medical cannabis in a clean, safe manner with immediate effects.
  • Use a stronger product to target a medical ailment
  • Experience clean and pure flavor profiles


CO2 Oils

One of the first products AGRiMED Industries will be offering is CO2 oil, a high-quality cannabis concentrate. While you’ve probably heard all about recreational users smoking cannabis flowers, CO2 oil offers something totally different and much more conducive to its medicinal benefits: a cleaner, fresher and healthier concentrate from the plant. CO2 oil can be extracted from the plant through supercritical or subcritical extraction methods, both allowing the oil to be safely and healthily obtained. CO2 oil allows you to reap the benefits of medical cannabis easily and quickly through using a vaporizer.


  • Inhale your medical cannabis in a clean, safe manner.
  • Enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the harmful aspects of smoking.


Hydrocarbon Extracts

Hydrocarbons are organic compounds such as Butane or Propane.  Unlike CO2, butane extraction can be done at very low pressures to extract the resin and terpenes from the plant material. Hydrocarbon extracts tend to test much higher in terpenes, which makes the consumption experience much more enjoyable and flavorful. Hydrocarbon extracts such as Wax, Shatter and Live Resin are the most popular and widely consumed forms of cannabis in the country.


  • Ensure accurate dosing while enjoying a flavorful consumption method.
  • Feel INSTANT effects of the Cannabinoids.
  • Consume cannabis in a discreet manner.


Solventless Concentrates

Solventless Hash is one of the oldest forms of hashish available. During the solventless process the cannabinoids are not extracted but sieved. We use this term because no physical extraction is taking place. Solventless concentrates are created using a multitude of different sieving methods. Some use water, some use Liquid Nitrogen and some even use static electricity to sieve the trichome heads that contain the resin from the raw plant material. Product names change depending on their sieving method.  Bubble Hash, Dry Sift, Solventless Live Resin, or Full Melt are all products that can be made is a form of solvent-less sieving. Solventless extracts tend to contain a more full spectrum cannabinoid profile than other types of concentrates, making the effects the closest to consuming dry flowers.


  • Consume a cleaner form of cannabis concentrates.
  • Desire a full spectrum cannabinoid profile.
  • Enjoy a full flavored consumption experience.


CBD treatmentTHC & CBD Tinctures

Tinctures—sometimes called “hemp extracts” or “hemp oil”—are liquid based cannabis products usually made with Alcohol, Hemp seed oil or agave and are generally seen in those apothecary-like bottles. These allow you to dose yourself with as much as your body needs as everyone is different. They come with a little dropper with which you can extract the tincture from the bottle and drop it under your tongue for a precise sublingual dose. This is a classic way of ingesting medical cannabis, probably dating back to one of the oldest methods.


  • Ease yourself into medical cannabis use. This is an especially easy way to do so as you can:
  1.     Slowly ease yourself into the correct dosage.
  2.     Incorporate the tincture into food or drink, making it extra easy to take.
  • Ingest medical cannabis orally.
  • Microdose yourself to feel continued effects of the cannabinoids.


THC & CBD Topical Creams

Topical creams include cannabis-infused lotions, oils, balms, etc. that are absorbed through the skin. These are perfect for people experiencing specific pains, inflammations, psoriasis, dermatitis, cramping and headaches and want to target the source. Depending on the pain/inflammation, either THC or CBD* creams can be selected. If you’re not sure which to choose, consult your doctor.

*Bonus for some: this type of cannabis-derived medicine come with no psychoactive effects since it’s not being ingested in any way. Though that might be the desired effect for some, this is perfect for those people looking to avoid that.


  • Help a localized ache or pain on your body.
  • Want to experience medical cannabis transdermally.
  • Don’t want to experience any psychoactive effects of cannabis.

THC & CBD Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are just as they sound and come in either high-THC or high-CBD profiles, depending on your need/affliction. Patients have reported the healing benefits to specific injured areas of the body experiencing chronic pain with the use of patches.  These convenient patches adhere to the skin at a veinous area of the body (example: a wrist), thus allowing the cannabinoids to go to work through the skin and deep directly into the bloodstream. The patches are a great method to provide relief to the patient over an extended period of time. These are nice for people who don’t take well to inhalation, pills or other means of consumption.


  • Consume clean medical grade cannabinoids over an extended period of time (8-12 hours).
  • Have localized effects from the cannabinoids.

THC & CBD Capsules

Capsules are perfect if you’re used to taking pills and are most comfortable ingesting medicine that way. The upside of capsules is that the dosage is predetermined so there’s no guess work; it’s all planned out for you. Pills and capsules have a longer, more steady level of effect compared to inhalation.


  • Consume medical cannabis orally in a traditional manner.
  • Easily add medical cannabis to your daily regimen.


AGRiMED’s natural  medical cannabis products will be widely available in Pennsylvania. Look for these products from AGRiMED in your local Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Distribution facility in 2018.

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