Medical Cannabis For Child Patients

Medical Cannabis For Child Patients

In states like Pennsylvania, with newly launched medical cannabis programs, growers, dispensary owners, physicians, and patients are gearing up to begin a long-awaited new way of treatment. Although it may seem shocking to offer any sort of cannabis substance to a child, in some cases it is a safer form of treatment compared to traditional medications. While many have registered thus far, the skepticality still remains on if it actually works. Conditions such as chronic pain, autism, cancer, and crohn’s disease are some of the main conditions that were tested to have symptoms reduced by medical cannabis products.

Many success stories are emerging all over the world from patients with these health issues who do decided to take the leap. Children, especially have seen major improvements from being prescribed cannabis products. Parents of children with cancer are often open to try any procedure or prescription that can help their child feel better without hurting them long-term. According to a study published by Pediatrics, 85% of providers who were certified to provide patients access to medical cannabis treatments would be willing to help children with cancer access it. Though there are no studies that strongly suggest that it is one of the best treatments for cancer, findings so far suggest cannabidiol (CBD), one of more than 100 cannabinoids present in the plant, targets certain pathways in leukemia. The evidence indicates that leukemia cells have a high number of cannabinoid receptors—primarily the receptor CB2.

Along with cancer, children diagnosed with epilepsy, autism, cystic fibrosis, and motor disorders have been able to improve their daily lives. When eleven-year-old Sam Vogelstein’s parents gained access to CBD capsules, his battle with frequent seizures were no longer a problem. The calming properties of CBD are incredibly beneficial for conditions that affect the brain and muscles. His father explained “Sam’s seizures decreased so quickly, that two days after he took his first pill he was zip-lining 30 feet in the air are a carnival spread out over half a mile in Hyde Park.” 

AGRiMED’s newest facility in Greene County will manufacture products such as oils, pills, tinctures, transdermal patches, and others to treat patients with Pennsylvania’s qualifying conditions. If your child is suffering from one of these conditions, speak with your family physician to see if medical cannabis is an option. Within the next year, several more triumphs are on horizon for children suffering with serious health problems with the new increase of access to cannabis products. This is great news for parents who simply want hope for their child to gain positive results. As the program continues to grow, the leap of faith of cannabis treatment will eventually become the accepted next step.

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